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BHFD2 special protective steel plate

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imagesSTEAM IRON WITH AUTO SHUT-OFF5. Never iron areas with traces of perspiration or other marks. The heat of the plate fixes the stains on the fabric making them irremovable. Attention First use may cause a slight odor or small smoking upon heating, it is normal. This is a result of the heating element chemical reaction. It quickly goes away. Stainless Steel Plate with Steam BHFD2 special protective steel plateBattle Steel Level III+ Special Threat Ballistic Plates BHFD2 special protective steel plateAlso put in 2 mk318 same plate, a few inches apart, same distance same gun. Plate stopped all 6 rounds from 20 inch barrel at basically contact shot distance. I wasnt sure if this plate was trustable given how light it is and how good the price is. Im completely convinced if I need the protection this plate

FXpansion - BFD2

BFD2 Specifications/RequirementsProduct StatusGeneral InformationCompatibilityUpgrading from BFD 1.xSounds, Kits and ContentEffects and Mixing EngineImport & Export, Inputs & OutputsElectronic Drums SupportDownload Version BFD2 was available initially as a boxed productA 20-bit download version was released laterIt included approximately 55GB of audio data in total.10 full kits, extra snares, cymbals, and morebfd2 special protective steel plate.Do you want results only for BHFD2 special protective steel plate?bhfd2 explosion proof steel plate tensile - aero Steel BHFD2 special protective steel plateExplosion-proof grinder pumps cCSAus rated Class I, Division 1, Groups C & D and Class Zone 1, Groups IIA & IIB Construction bhfd2 explosion proof steel plate tensile 440 stainless steel cutter and plate hardened to Rockwell C55-60 Discharge 1-1/4" NPT bhfd2 explosion proof steel plate tensile Construction cast iron ASTMA A-48, Class 30, 30,000# tensile strength, protected with a corrosion-resistant, baked-on bhfd2 explosion proof steel plate

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