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Oil Removal from SteelSTEEL F X STEEL F X PATINAS

STEEL F/X&PATINAS Patinas, Dyes, Stains, Finishes Oil Removal from SteelSTEEL F X STEEL F X PATINAS

home page of steel fx patinas. all patinas, dyes and inks are manufactured "in-house" and sold wholesale direct to you, the customer. Town Food Service 16 Inch Steel Cantonese Oil Removal from SteelSTEEL F X STEEL F X PATINASThis item Town Food Service 16 Inch Steel Cantonese Style Wok. $25.90. In stock. Usually ships within 3 to 4 days. Ships from and sold by Wasserstrom Restaurant Supply. Thunder Group 12356 Alsr001 Steel Wok Rack, Medium, Metallic. $5.87. In Stock. Sold by

What does it mean when a metal has a patina?What does it mean when a metal has a patina?Over time, metals like iron, steel, bronze, brass, and copper may develop a thin colored film on their surface called a patina. This aged look can be especially desirable in artwork and decorative pieces.3 Ways to Patina Metal - wikiHow What is the motto of steel f / x patinas?What is the motto of steel f / x patinas?The STEEL F/X&PATINAS Company Motto is "KAI-ZEN", a Japanese word that loosely translates to "CONTINUAL IMPROVEMENT" Thank you for helping to make STEEL F/X&PATINAS a Reality Oil Removal from SteelSTEEL F X STEEL F X PATINASWithout all of my loyal customers, we wouldn't exist. Keep Up The Good Work! Bill D. Worden, STEEL F/X®, LLC (STEEL F/X&PATINAS) 1.800.710.1273Oil Removal from Steel? STEEL F/X PATINAS STEEL PREPARATION

What should I use to clean my steel f / x patinas?What should I use to clean my steel f / x patinas?If you feel you need to do any cleaning after flap-discing, use a base (alkali) or mild, weak acid product (Barkeepers Friend) to clean, e.g. Comet or Ajax. Totally unnecessary, though. Note Any solvent containing hydrocarbons or petroleum distillate/s will cause the water-based patinas to repel.Oil Removal from Steel? STEEL F/X PATINAS STEEL PREPARATION2011 Ford Ranger vs. 2011 Toyota Tacoma Cars

Here's how the 2011 Ford Ranger and the 2011 Toyota Tacoma measure up. 143.0-hp, 2.3-liter, 4 Cylinder Engine(Gasoline Fuel) 159.0-hp, 2.7-liter, 4 Cylinder Engine(Gasoline Fuel) Medium Dark Flint Oil Removal from SteelSTEEL F X STEEL F X PATINAS

3 Simple Ways to Keep Metal from Rusting Underground -

Oct 26, 2020Stainless steel contains a blend of iron, chromium, manganese, silicon, carbon, nickel, and molybdenum. These elements react with oxygen in the water and air to create a think layer that protects the metal from corrosion, so if youre looking for the absolute best way to keep your metal from rusting underground, go with stainless steel. [1]4 Ways to Clean Stainless Steel - wikiHowMay 06, 2021Stainless steel can be polished with common, household products like glass cleaner, olive oil, lemon oil, and baby oil. X Research source Slightly moisten a rag or a microfiber cloth with your chosen polishing product (a little product goes a long way), and thoroughly wipe the stainless steel

5/5(1)Availability In stockPrice $22.503 Ways to Paint Stainless Steel - wikiHow

May 06, 2021Article Summary X. To paint stainless steel, start by gently sanding the stainless steel, which will help the paint stick to it better. Then, apply a coat of stainless steel primer and let it dry completely. Once the primer is dry, use a roller or paintbrush to apply an oil-based paint to the stainless steel. 2 minscoloring metal art how-to instructions - Steel F-XApr 24, 2011Steel F/X, LLC 1.800.710.1273. Video 1 ~ Steel Preparation for Patina (Color) Application. Project 32" X 21" 12AWG HR Steel. Pre-Soaked to Remove All Dross & Mill-Scale. Grinder 4" Makita ( I also use a Variable Speed. 4" Metabo Angle Grinder) Any angle grinder. you prefer is just fine. Abrasive 80-Grit , 4-1/2" Flap Disc.

4 minsPeople also search forremoving oil from stainless steeloil residue on enginehow to clean oil off painted galvanized steeloil on metal in spanishhow do i get oil of stainless steelsteel bar cleaningOIL REMOVAL Archives STEEL F/X PATINAS

Jan 30, 2019metal dye powder. discount air-brush; x-treme steel patina starter kit; membership steel f/x pro-staff most popular steel patinas; frequently asked questions 40 secsPeople also search forsteel fx metal dyes photossteel fx dyes pricessteel patinassteel f x patinassteel heat stains wikisteel slag unit weightGRID GALLERY STEEL F/X PATINAS GRID GALLERYGRIME GIT'R BY STEEL F/X&- OIL, RUST & MILL-SCALE REMOVER - ODORLESS! Patinas added to rusty steel. COPPER F/X Instant Copper Plating for Steel. COPPER F/X by STEEL F/X&PATINAS, is a steel patina, no heat required (cold-process), instant Copper plating for adding patina to steel.

40 secsPeople also search forsteel fx patinas problemsmetal patinas for steelpatinas for steelsteel fx reviewssteel patina formulassteel f x patinasPeople also askHow much does steel f / x patinas cost?How much does steel f / x patinas cost?STEEL F/X&PATINAS Patinas, Dyes, Stains, Finishes & Supplies For Metal STEEL F/X PATINAS Premium Patinas, Dyes, Stains, Finishes & Supplies For Metal ~ Wholesale Pricing! NEW PRODUCTS! Save $ 20.00! Save $ 8.62!STEEL F/X&PATINAS Patinas, Dyes, Stains, Finishes Oil Removal from SteelSTEEL F X STEEL F X PATINASFiberglass and Steel Exterior Doors - JELD-WEN - PDF Oil Removal from SteelSTEEL F X STEEL F X PATINAS

A rchitec tur al A rchitec tur al Linden (L D) Ar agon (AG) Oil-Rubbed Bronze iberglass Aragon A r c h i t ec t u r al F Architec tural Mahogany Granite Glass Micro-Granite Glass Thin Reed Glass Bronze Soft Wave Glass Clear Bevels AM-826AG Full View 3'0" x 6'8" AM-560AG Full View SL 1'0" x 6'8" 1'2" x 6'8" AM-828AG 3/4 View 3'0" x 6'8" Also available in 3'0" x 8'0 Oil Removal from SteelSTEEL F X STEEL F X PATINAS

How To Patina Galvanized Metal The Best Guides Selected Oil Removal from SteelSTEEL F X STEEL F X PATINAS

Adding patinas to Galvanized Steel is Easy! BILL WORDEN. My name is Bill Worden. I am the founder & owner of STEEL F/X&Patinas, which began officially in the fall of 2006. I had my first exposure to metal-finishing when I was 14 yrs. old. (1968) My Chemistry teacher showed me how to silver-plate a copper penny without heat or electricity Oil Removal from SteelSTEEL F X STEEL F X PATINASHow to Add a Patina to Metal Art - LiveAboutMay 04, 2019Bury your metal in the cat litter. Place a few pieces near the top so that you can easily check on them. When you are satisfied with the patina, remove your metal from the mixture. To fix the patina, you'll have to apply Renaissance wax or spray acrylic.

How to Sea a Wok (with Pictures) - wikiHow

Jan 03, 2021Remove rust. Pour some liquid dish soap onto the rusted area and scrub it with steel wool until the rust is gone. Rinse the wok under hot water to remove the soap and rust particles. Dry the wok with a towel, then heat it over medium-low heat until its completely dry. To re-sea the wok, add some cooking oil or shortening to the warm wok.Matfer Bourgeat 340216 Exopan Steel 10" x 2 1/2" Non-Stick Oil Removal from SteelSTEEL F X STEEL F X PATINASBake traditional cheesecakes with ease in this Matfer Bourgeat 340216 Exopan steel 10" x 2 1/2" non-stick springform cake pan. Springform pans, like this, are often used to bake cheesecakes, but they're also great for making ice cream cakes, fruit tarts, and even bread pudding. This pan offers even more options thanks to its two interchangeable bottoms - 1 flat and 1 rosary-shaped with a Oil Removal from SteelSTEEL F X STEEL F X PATINAS

Oil Removal from Steel? STEEL F/X PATINAS STEEL

Jan 30, 2019BILL WORDEN. My name is Bill Worden. I am the founder & owner of STEEL F/X&Patinas, which began officially in the fall of 2006. I had my first exposure Oil-soluble ionic liquids as antiwear and extreme roughness of the steel ball and disc are approximately 0.02 m and 0.2 m, respectively. All the tribological tests are conducted at room temperature. When the loads are 300 N and 500 N, the maximum Hertzian pressures are approximately 3.039 GPa and 3.603 GPa, respectively. Sliding speeds (v) are determined by amplitude (A) and frequency (f ).

People also search forcarbon steel pancarbon looks likeblue carbon steel pan in dishwasherblue carbon steel pan dishwasher safeorange cleaning carbon steel pancarbon steel seasing serviceOil Lamp Makers buttons - Oldcopper

Oil Lamp Maker's marks are usually to be seen on the wick winder button and occasionally elsewhere. A name on the button identifies the maker of the vital lamp burner. These were made by the specialists for use in lamps made by themselves and also sold for use by others. Founts, chimneys and shades may have been made by others.People also search forcoloring metal art how with hydregon perocoloring metal art how with hydrogen perosteel f x patinasstainless steel patinacoloring metal artcoloring metal artPATINA FOR STEEL - BRONZE F/X PATINABRONZE F/X Instantly Produces an Oil-Rubbed Bronze Patina on Mild Steel Without Using Oil OR Heat. Room Temp or Outdoor All-Sea Application, as with All STEEL F/X&Patinas & Dyes. No Heating of the Patina and/or the Metal is Required! BRONZE F/X is Also Great for Dramatic Darkening & Light/Dark Special Effects over COPPER F/X

People also search forde buyer usadebuyer cookwaredeepdish pizza pancarbon steel cookwaremade in cookwarede buyer francePeople also search forford ranger or toyota tacomaford vs toyota truckranger vs tacoma reliability2011 ford ranger2011 ford ranger for sale2011 ford ranger mpgFormation and thermodynamics of CaS-bearing inclusions Oil Removal from SteelSTEEL F X STEEL F X PATINAS

Jul 23, 2019Industrial experiments were carried out to investigate the formation of CaS-bearing inclusion during Ca double modification in oil casting steels using polished cross sections and electrolytic extraction. Immediately after Ca addition, the role of newly generated CaS as an intermediate reaction product, which modified the Al2O3 inclusion into a liquid calcium aluminate, was confirmed.

People also search forgive stainless steel a bronze patinapatina on bronzepatina bronzenatural bronze patinasteel patinabronze patina chartCOLOR CASE-HARDENING PATINAS Archives STEEL F/X

COPPER F/X GEL PATINA. $ 19.99 $ 129.99. Save $ 8.62! Quick View Select options. COLOR CASE-HARDENING PATINA KIT. From $ 86.22 $ 77.60. Rated 5.00 out of 5. Quick View Select options. GEL PATINAS COMPLETE SET.People also search forhow to clean cast iron cookwarehow to clean cast iron pothow to clean cast iron reddithow to clean cast iron panhow to clean cast iron skillethow to clean cast iron wokHow to Harden 4140 Steel eHowRemove the steel from the heat treat oven and immediately submerge the steel in a trough of mineral oil to quench it, setting the hardness within the steel. Tip Allow more time per inch for thicker sections of steel, those with more than an inch in diameter, and less time for thinner pieces of steel.

People also search forhow to color metaloil slick how to metalbest way to glue aluminum to metalcoloring metal art howbest adhesive for metal to metalhow to clean tarnish jewelryHow To Patina Galvanized Steel The Best Guides Selected Oil Removal from SteelSTEEL F X STEEL F X PATINAS

I am the founder & owner of STEEL F/X&Patinas, which began officially in the fall of 2006. I had my first exposure to metal-finishing when I was 14 yrs. old. (1968) My Chemistry teacher showed me how to silver-plate a copper penny without heat or electricity.People also search forhow to harden 1018how to re-harden hardened steelhow to harden steel with a torch4140 steelcryogenics treating 4140 steelhow do you harden tool steel?Metal Products - StormwateRxThese regulations control stormwater discharges under Sector F covers work with primary metals including steel works, blast furnaces, rolling and finishing mills, and nonferrous foundries. Whatever the nature of your business, and the activities you engage in to run your business, you are at risk of releasing contaminants such as TSS , organics Oil Removal from SteelSTEEL F X STEEL F X PATINAS

People also search forhow to sea a wokhow to sea a wok with plastic handleshow to sea a imusa wokhow to sea a carbon steel wokhow to sea a joyce chen wokhow to sea your wok3 Ways to Patina Brass - wikiHow

May 06, 2021When the patina you desire has developed, remove the brass from your container and set it aside on a clean paper towel to air dry. After drying it, rinse away any remaining ammonia under running water and air dry again. If the patina is too dark or dense, lighten it by scrubbing the dark portions with #0000 steel wool.People also search forjeld wen exterior doors catalogjeld wen exterior doors partsjeld wen steel fire doorsjeld wen steel patio doorsjeld wen exterior steel doorsHow to Clean Soapstone 12 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHowJan 22, 2021Pour the oil directly onto the soapstoneits naturally non-porous, so it wont absorb oil or moisture. X Research source The fact that soapstone has a solid finish also means you wont have to worry about it feeling slick or greasy as a result of becoming clogged with oil. of oil for every 1 square foot (0.093 m 2 ) of soapstone should Oil Removal from SteelSTEEL F X STEEL F X PATINAS

People also search forlowe's home improvementlowe's home improvement smokerslowe's home improvement sofitslowe's home improvement stcolowe's home improvement stoneslowe's home improvement wikipediaWeathering steel - Steel Construction

Weathering steel is a high strength low alloy steel that was originally developed by United States Steel in the 1930s to resist corrosion and abrasion in their ore wagons. It was given the trade name Cor-ten, and was first used in construction on the John Deere World Headquarters building in People also search foroil lamp makers marks identificationoil lamp burners replacement measureoil lamp value guideantique lamp value guideoil lantern globe markingsantique oil lamp markingsSchlage F51APLY716 Plymouth Keyed Entry Panic BuildStrike Plates (Part 10-027) Supplied with a Round Strike with Dimensions of 2-1/4" x 1-5/8" Lifetime Mechanical and Finish Warranty (Finish warranty does not include Oil Rubbed Bronze because it is a living finish and will patina over time) Specifications Backset Adjustable to 2-3/8" or 2-3/4" Cross Bore 2-1/8" Edge Bore 7/8"

People also search forpatina finish for steelpatina solutions for steelhomemade patina for steelblack patina for steelpatina steelpatina finish steel3 Ways to Patina Metal - wikiHow

Mar 31, 2021Soak the metal in vinegar. Add vinegar to your clean, dry container so there is enough to completely submerge the metal. Then add an equal amount of salt to the vinegar, stir it thoroughly, and insert the metal so it can sit in the solution and create a vinegar-salt patina.People also search forsteel f xcoloered stains for steelblack magic patina for steelred steel gamered steel game japansteel roofing material pricesPatina Finishes for Steel - FeltMagnetFeb 07, 2020Solvent Cleaning of Steel By far the most useful solvents for cleaning steel is acetone and denatured alcohol. For very warm weather conditions it is advisable to use denatured alcohol as acetone will evaporate instantly on a warm day. These are the least expensive solvents but are excellent and removing oils and grease.

People also search forsullair compressorssullair air filter cross referencebaldwin filter dealer locatorbaldwin filters for sale near mebaldwin filters where to buyflexfiber mist eliminator tankCast Iron Cleaning How to Clean Cast Iron Cookware Oil Removal from SteelSTEEL F X STEEL F X PATINAS

Place the cookware in the oven upside down on the top rack. Place a large baking sheet or aluminum foil on the bottom rack to catch any excess oil that may drip off the cookware. Bake at 450-500 degrees F for one hour. Allow to cool and repeat as necessary to achieve the classic black patina.People also search forthin oil based paintmodified oil paint additivequart penetrol oil based paint conditionerthin oil paintpenetrol paint additive reviewpenetrol paint additive10+ Best Steel patina ideas steel patina, patina, steelSTAINLESS F/X is One of Our Most Popular Products! Available Only at STEEL F/X&Patinas. Works Equally Well on Stainless Steel, Mild Steel, Copper, Brass and Bronze, Too! STAINLESS F/X 2-Part Patina is a Very Versatile, Vivid, Multi-Color-Producing Patina for Stainless Steel and Stainless Steel

People also search forvacuum pump intake filterhepa vent filter vacuutainerhepa vent filtervacuum pump inlet filtercentral vacuum floor inletcentral vacuum inlet coverSnare Drums Hundreds of Options Available Sweetwater

Pork Pie Percussion Brass Patina Snare Drum - 6.5 x 14 inch. 6.5" x 14" Brass Snare Drum with 1.0mm Beaded Shell and 2.3mm Triple-flanged Hoops - Brass Patina with Polished Center Bead. $399.00. Or $9.00/month§ with. 48 mo. financing* i. Rated 5.0/5 Stars.People also search forweathering steel grade separationweathering steel tubeweathering steel coatingsweathering steel houseweathering steel supplierspainted weathering steel and galvanize dh Artisan Steel - High Performance Pizza Steel Oil Removal from SteelSTEEL F X STEEL F X PATINASClean with water and a stiff brush (no soap needed!) after use, dry immediately with a lint-free cloth or paper towel and sea by swiping on a light coat of cooking oil. Re-sea as needed by scrubbing and washing thoroughly with a mild soap, seaing as usual and baking at 375°F for one hour.

People also search forwhat is baking sodzwhat is liquid sandhow is glass made videohow is glass madewhat does soda ash dowhat does soda ash dode Buyer Mineral B Steak Frypan - Milk Street Store

Before you use your de Buyer carbon-steel pan for the first time, clean it with very hot water and rub down the entire surface to remove excess beeswax. Heat oil in your carbon-steel dish on the stovetopenough to cover the bottomuntil it starts to smoke, then discard the oil and rub the cookware down with paper towels.Reviews 256People also search forcantonese style ducktown fglat bottom wokcsst iron comme isl wokcast iron wokcantonese style flat bottom wokis cold forged steel and carbon steel the sIf Your Carbon Steel Pan Looks Like This, Dont Freak Out Oil Removal from SteelSTEEL F X STEEL F X PATINASOct 13, 2016Remove from heat. Add a mixture of two parts salt to one part oil (2 tablespoons salt and 1 tablespoon oil, for instance) and, using a paper towel, rub this mixture all over the interior of the pan. Think of it as an exfoliating treatment for your cookware. After youve removed all that gunk, rinse with hot water and dry the pan thoroughly.

Reviews 431People also search forartisan steelplacing pizza steel on top of pizza stonepizza steel on top of pizza stoneworks with steelartisan steel pizzaartisan steel pizzaPenetrol&Oil-Based Paint Additive

PENETROL &Oil-Based Coating Additive is a versatile low-odor additive to improve penetration, adhesion and flow of oil-based paints, stains, varnishes and primers. Improves penetration and adhesion to compensate for weathering on surface. Improves flow to reduce brush marks; extends open and working times. Restores luster to faded, weathered Oil Removal from SteelSTEEL F X STEEL F X PATINASSTEEL F/X PATINAS How-To VideosMar 05, 2019PAGE 1 OF STEEL PATINA HOW-TO VIDEOS BY STEEL F/X PATINAS. Note If Videos Are Absent, or Loading Slowly, Please Click HERE! To See All of Them on YouTube. There is a Lot of I nformation Below, so Please Give the Page Time to Load. Right-Click an Empty Area of the Page and Hit Refresh or Reload, if Necessary.

SULLAIR Filtration & Mist Elimination

of particles such as liquid oil, oil aerosols, dirt and scale. Finally, the treated, clean compressed air flows downstream to other inline . components or point-of-use. Removed condensate moves from the . treated air to be easily drained. The Importance of . Reliable Filtration . Contaminants are introduced at various stages of the air Oil Removal from SteelSTEEL F X STEEL F X PATINASSample Filters Vacuum Pump Inlet & Exhaust FiltersBalston Vacuum Pump Exhaust Filters remove all vis-ible oil mist and smoke from vacuum pump exhaust, Oil Removal from SteelSTEEL F X STEEL F X PATINAS AR-0316-371H 1 NPT 20 CFM Steel Steel Anod. Alum. Buna/Neo 300°F (149°C) 15 PSIG (1.0 barg) 8 lbs (4 kg) 7.4Dia. X 8.8H AR-0335-371H 1 1/2 NPT 43 CFM Steel Steel Anod. Alum.

Soluble Salts - Corrosion Industry Topics - Corrosionpedia

The 6 Corrosive Components That Can Be Found in Crude Oil. Oil Removal from SteelSTEEL F X STEEL F X PATINAS and what can be done to Oil Removal from SteelSTEEL F X STEEL F X PATINAS Chloride Stress Corrosion Cracking of Austenitic Stainless Steel. Chloride stress corrosion cracking (Cl-SCC) is the most common type of cracking of austenitic stainless steel. Oil Removal from SteelSTEEL F X STEEL F X PATINAS From edge treatment to salt removal, the requirements for applying single Oil Removal from SteelSTEEL F X STEEL F X PATINASViews 10KPeople also search forhow to clean soapstonehow to clean soapstone in spanishhow to clean soapstone sinkhow to clean soapstone carvinghow to clean old soapstone sinkhow to clean a soap stone with bakeing sodaLowe's Home ImprovementCelebrate Lowes first SpringFest event a festival of fun and savings for your home and garden. Get deals on mulch, soil, power equipment, and more.

Views 230KPeople also search forhow to patina brasshow to clean brasshow to patina brass with vinegarhow to polish brasshow to tarnish brasspatina brass green900 Clear Coat - Rust-Oleum

deg. F and 100 deg. F. It dries to touch in about 2 hours under standard conditions (77 deg. F and 50% relative humidity). Thicker coats will take longer to dry. A second coat can be applied 20 minutes after the first coat (what is called wet-on-wet application), if desired. If not applied within this period, the first coat may wrinkle. Can applyViews 4KPeople also search forhow to keep metal from rusting outsideprevent metal from rustingrust prevention spray for metalboiled linseed oil metal finishwhat can you put on metal to prevent rustmetal treatment to prevent rustHow To Patina Galvanized Steel - 05/2021 Adding patinas to Galvanized Steel is Easy! BILL WORDEN. My name is Bill Worden. I am the founder & owner of STEEL F/X&Patinas, which began officially in the fall of 2006. I had my first exposure to metal-finishing when I was 14 yrs. old. (1968) My Chemistry teacher showed me how to silver-plate a copper penny without heat or electricity Oil Removal from SteelSTEEL F X STEEL F X PATINAS

Views 586KPeople also search forhow to paint stainless steel whitehow to paint stainless steel blackhow to paint stainless steel boltshow to paint stainless steelhow to paint stainless steel bronzehow to paint stainless steel fridge doorWhat is Baking? - Definition from Corrosionpedia

Dec 15, 2014A steel part has a higher susceptibility to hydrogen embrittlement because when it is manufactured it contains hydrogen in molten steel or hydrogen penetrates the surface during pickling to remove scale. Traditionally, steel parts are baked in a furnace for a few hours at 210-570°F (100-300°C) to reduce concentrations of hydrogen in steel parts.Views 735KPeople also search forbest ways to clean ovenhow do you clean stainless steel refrigeratorbest ways to clean blindshow to polish stainless steel countertopshow to unscrew stainless steelcan you shower with stainless steel ringsMetals - Corrosion Industry Topics - CorrosionpediaZinc is widely used in the oil & gas industry, but its safety is being called into question by regulators and the industry, especially for Oil Removal from SteelSTEEL F X STEEL F X PATINAS 10 Key Benefits of Case Hardened Steel Among other benefits, case hardened steels provide a hard, outer surface with a soft ductile core, with

Views 76KPeople also search forhow to patina metalhow to age metalhow to color metal arthow to patina silver quicklyhow to rust metalhow to oxidise metalhow to patina galvanized metal

how to patina galvanized metal . December 20, 2020What is Soda Blasting? - Definition from CorrosionpediaNov 04, 2013Soda blasting is a non-abrasive, non-destructive paint and coating removal method that can be safely used on most surfaces, even glass and wood, and is safe to use on any thin metals. Soda (sodium bicarbonate) is a soft blast media that is ideal for sensitive substrates where the removal of base material is not acceptable.

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We also recommend wiping a thin coat of neutral oil across the pans surface for storage (with use and time as the patina improves, this will become unnecessary). Net Weight 2.9 pounds; Dimensions Diameter 9 inches, Depth 1.5 inches; Use S uitable for oven cooking for 10 minutes at 400°F; c ompatible with all cooktops, including induction

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