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B2 automotive bullet proof steel

Armored vehicles Protection levels B1-B7 vs VPAM

lass B1 and B2 are rarely used in armoring a security vehicle. Class B2 can withstand a 9 mm, 38 of special and lesser rounds what will lead to slowing down bullets from weapons of larger calibers. Class B3 can withstand.357 Magnum rounds or lesser threats, and Class B4 can withstand a.44 Magnum rounds or lesser threats.CLASSIC VW 1.000,00 $-1.500,00 $ / Tonne

NIJ0101.06 Level IIIA Concealable Bulletproof Vest, View B2 automotive bullet proof steel

It has waterproof , moisture proof, heat proof, UV resistance and high temperature resistance, According to the new standard requirement of GA141-2010 Bulletproof Vest for Military published by the Ministry of Public Security of China, Our products were tested by all kinds of quality testing and all passed.Penetration differences

US6635357B2 (1) 94.7%. Contact Supplier. Compare.

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